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Career Foundations was formed on the premise that good people are at the core of any thriving business. Our unique market strength, extensive expertise, and hands-on recruiting experience in successfully working to fulfill human capital and workforce needs will benefit you through our various service offerings.


Your Confidential, Personalized Career Partner

You do not take your career lightly and neither do we. You are not a monster, a yahoo or an anything dot com. And we are not the unemployment office or a resume forwarding service trying to find you a job. You can find your own job – you do not need us for that.

You are a highly talented business professional that needs a serious, confidential recruiting partner to help chart your career path. And we are highly respected and attentive career partners who will help you do exactly just that – find your next career move to keep you on course.

We stand by our integrity and confidentiality in your career search. We never compromise your current position or our professional reputation. Because our clients engage us to find candidates like you, you can be sure we are working in both of your best interests to reach the right outcome.

Understanding You, the Candidate

What makes us different from other recruiters you may be familiar with is that we take the time to establish a personal relationship with you. We want to better understand your likes, your dislikes, and your every need that makes you tick in between. We stay focused on you. What really matters to you, really matters to us. And if your expectations are not realistically aligned, we will be very candid and will work hard to get your career back on track. When we place you at a company that is a solid fit, you will grow and thrive there and become a valuable contributor to the company and its success.

Negotiating Compensation Packages

We know that candidates working on their own will sometimes leave a lot on the table when interviewing or accepting new positions. We work to identify market trends and salary comparables for each particular industry we are recruiting for. Armed with this information, we are able to negotiate the best compensation packages for you so you do not sell yourself short.

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