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Hiring Managers

We understand that to achieve success, every hire matters! That is why Career Foundations is proud of our foundation of service excellence. We will never try to fit a square peg into a round hole or send you a bundle of resumes to review. We do all the screening for you upfront and send you our top portfolio of 3-5 candidates. We work in tandem with your human resources department to ensure that our efforts are not duplicated. While we do not expect our clients to use a recruiting service like Career Foundations for every position needing to be filled. But we do know that when a critical hire is needed, our clients have repeatedly told us they turn to Career Foundations first to fill their talent void. Our rich local database and national network pool has been built upon years of recruiting and industry experience.


At Career Foundations, we have three simple goals

  • Be your true Talent Partner
  • Provide the finest Client Service in the industry
  • Offer you the Best Value for your talent investment

Talent Partner

We believe in authentic, lifelong relationships, and true business partnerships with absolute discretion. Career Foundations makes it our business to know about your business. We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to recruiting. We provide a one-on-one commitment that sets us apart from other firms and establish long-term trust with our clients. We ask the right questions; we probe for the truth; and we gain an in-depth understanding of the company culture and identify talent prospects that will not only fit into that culture but will succeed. An uncompromised skill set, cultural match, career longevity and the right perspective are responsible for developing the strong leaders that our clients require.

Time and again our clients tell us that the reason they work with us is because of our superior client service. We are responsive and dedicated to making your search for top talent quick and efficient. As a client, you always have a Career Foundations single point of contact that knows you, knows your business, and knows the type of talent you are searching for. Yet it does not just stop there. Each of our team members behind the scenes also knows you too – and we work well above to attractively brand your company within our candidate audience. Over fifty percent of our clients have said that they are able to fill critical positions faster because of our client service and talent pre-screening process.

Best Value

You turn to Career Foundations to fill positions for critical talent and we take that responsibility seriously. Not only are you investing in your company’s future, you are investing in our ability to understand and execute upon your needs. We are committed to meeting those needs quickly, meticulously and economically. The more you work with us, the better we become at identifying and pairing the right talent for your organization. And that creates an outstanding win-win and successful partnership for both of us.

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