What “The Great Resignation” Means for Your Career

Since the pandemic and the months of lockdown began, a significant departure from the workplace has already started. Dubbed “the Great Resignation,” this movement of people away from their old jobs and into new positions and industries is motivated for several reasons.

For some, working remotely has changed their perspective on their work and opened up new opportunities to explore different careers and businesses. For others, the pressures of working and balancing family life proved too much. Other workers left their jobs because the industries they worked in were becoming “sinking ships,” unlikely to survive the rigors of the pandemic.

As a result, the current job market favors job seekers and everyone ready for a new career. With more than 9 million jobs available, here are some things to do before you make a move and go after your dream job.

Set a Vision for the Future

With so much potential out there, you want to start your transition by getting clear on the kind of work you want to do and how your unique skills and gifts can contribute toward making your next job the dream job.

Build Your Brand

Your brand is you, and getting clarity on your brand will help you choose your new career direction. Five drivers of your unique employee brand are:

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Passions
  • Purpose
  • Differentiators

Your career path will manifest clearly when you are clear on your long-term vision for your life and career, what you want to be known for, and how you want to impact the world.

Create a Compelling Professional Narrative

Now that your brand is clear, you want to showcase it for all prospective employers to see. Professional sites like LinkedIn are an ideal place to do this and attain the most significant reach and exposure.

Creating a compelling professional narrative of who you are as an employee and professional person will highlight why you are an ideal candidate for positions in your chosen industries. Your headline and photo will bring home your brand message and the kind of role you’re searching for even more.

Foster Deep, Genuine Connections

Use this time to foster connections and build a solid professional network as you’re job searching. Get to know people and be a “giver.” So much of professional networking is about wanting time, business, or help from others that connecting without that motivation is refreshing and memorable.


The Great Resignation has opened up many opportunities across industries for expanding and changing careers. While this window of incredible opportunity may not last forever, take your time and don’t settle. The market is in your favor, so know your worth and abilities and go after that dream job!

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