How Responsiveness Is The Key to Hiring

According to a recent Candidate Expectation Survey, 65% of job candidates say that employee responsiveness critically affects their perception of the company during the recruitment process.

You would not think it would be necessary to tell an employer to respond to applicants, but the increasing emphasis on responsiveness as a critical factor in the hiring process says otherwise. For many job applicants, getting answers to basic questions can be difficult, and often they choose to pass on what could be their “dream job” because Human Resources fails to get back to them.

As today’s job market focuses more on candidates, this emphasis on communication and responsiveness continues to rise. Job applicants reach out to HR for answers and clarification on many issues, including salary, benefits, scheduling, etc. You need to address these issues and resolve them in a pleasant and effective way.

How To Boost Your Responsiveness Etiquette

1. Communicate Within 72 Hours

Most candidates start to lose interest in a job they have applied for if they fail to hear from the company after 72 hours have passed. The company’s lack of enthusiasm and pursuit is off-putting and conveys to the candidate a lack of interest in securing them for the position. The candidate moves on to other employment opportunities, and your company misses out.

Respond quickly to applicants to ensure you get a better chance at securing the top talent available. Responding quickly is also a prime indicator of the company’s sales process and skills, showcasing those qualities and more to the candidate.

2. Be Professional and Enthusiastic

As a hiring manager, you have the opportunity to review top talent and choose the best candidates for further interviews. Always be professional when responding to new job applicants and convey your enthusiasm for what drew you to them in the first place. Employees want to feel wanted in the job they are pursuing, so let them know if they are a good fit for your company.

3. Keep Candidates Updated

Do not “ghost” your applicants. Keep them updated about the hiring steps and where they are in the process. Let them know when you’ll be available if they need to contact you and find out their availability. The effort to respond and consider their lives and schedules makes a significant and memorable impression on candidates.


Responding to candidates during the hiring process, treating them professionally, and providing updates through the process fosters a positive image of your company and sets up all of your future hires and applicants to enjoy being a part of your company’s culture and brand.

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