The Benefits of Finding a New Job vs. Staying in Your Current Role

Should I stay in my current role, or am I ready to move on? It’s a difficult question to face. Change is difficult, but sometimes finding a new job is necessary for your personal and professional growth.

Even if you like your current job, there are good reasons to consider finding a new job. A new job can be an opportunity to progress forward in your career, move into a new industry, or positively increase your quality of life on many levels.

Higher Salary & Better Benefits

One of the top reasons to change jobs is higher pay. Companies have limits on the number of raises they give employees. Many employees pursue a new job offering more compensation for their skills and experience. Applying for a new job gives you the chance to market yourself as a candidate and aim for a higher “price”.

Benefits are another reason you may want to look for a new job. Many employers are offering better healthcare coverage, better retirement savings and investment plans, or unique work/life perks to attract top talent.

Career Advancement & Career Change

Sometimes, you reach a point in a job where your career momentum goes stagnant. Possibilities for advancement are limited or non-existent, and you may feel dissatisfied and frustrated. If progressing forward professionally is not possible in your current job, finding new employment with greater opportunities to do so is a good idea.

If you are bored with your current role and want to change direction in your career or change careers completely, finding a new job in the field you are interested in or one that provides the opportunity for education and career change will stimulate your productivity and help you feel more satisfied and inspired professionally.

Better Work/ Life Balance

As a result of the pandemic, more employees are looking at work/ life balance and health as important criteria in their job. Flexible scheduling, the ability to work remotely, and the availability of time off are all top priorities for job seekers. You may also pursue a new job if they offer specific mental health services and perks to support their employees.

Ready to find a new position with all the right benefits for you? Career Foundations can help!