Building a Company Culture that Attracts Candidates in the ‘Great Resignation’ Era

A strong, positive company culture undoubtedly attracts quality candidates and excites them to want to work there. Following the mass exodus of workers from their jobs, dubbed the “Great Resignation of 2021”, there is more focus on the fact that building and promoting a positive, transparent, and inclusive company culture not only attracts top talent but ensures that current employees are happy.

Building a strong company culture that fosters creativity, inclusivity, and productivity doesn’t happen overnight, but it is one of the wisest investments of time and effort you can make for your business. Read on to learn more about how you can begin building and improving your company culture and attracting more dynamic job candidates.

Creating a Positive Company Culture

Specific critical steps ensure your company culture is built on a solid foundation and remains that way.

Define Your Purpose

The heart of your company culture is your purpose. Your company’s purpose is not just what you see but reflects what your employees see. If you do not have a defined purpose, now is the time to brainstorm with your team to develop and understand it.

Based on what you learn from these brainstorming sessions, you can create a purpose for your company that is inspirational, aspirational, and reflected and manifested through your company culture.

Develop Shared Language, Standards, and Values for the Company

Once your purpose is defined, ensure everyone is on the same page. Communicate the universal standards for your company culture and write them down. This ensures that employees and executives can examine the criteria at any time and ensure that the culture is always maintained.

Communicate and Lead by Example

Once your company culture is defined, live it. Leaders in the company should set an example – as well as manage expectations to embody the company’s culture as they deal with people both inside and outside the company. Treat employees well, and communicate truthfully, and the company culture will endure and even thrive through tumultuous times.


Attracting the right talent for your company begins by building a strong, diverse, and positive company experience. Your company’s culture is the best marketing tool you have at your disposal. When it reflects diversity, inclusivity, equity, and integrity, it attracts the attention of high-quality workers who will best fit your company’s purpose and, ultimately, convey that purpose to your customers and clients.

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