Applying for Jobs? Why Having a Professional Email Address and Voicemail is Important

The entire job application process, from job search and application through screenings, interviews, and beyond has moved almost exclusively to the digital realm. Gone are the days of paper resumes and carefully recorded taped greetings on answering machines. Now, your email and voicemail are the main initial impressions. This means that maintaining a professional tone and positive attitude in both of these venues is critical.

Read on for a few tips and tricks to get your email and voicemail in professional shape.

A Professional Email Address

What do we mean by “professional?” When a company reviews candidates for a position, they are looking for someone to represent their business and brand. While a cute or memorable email may be acceptable for your personal use, your dream job may not let “” past the resume review.

Before you start sending out an application, here are some steps to get your email employer-friendly:

  • Create an email address exclusively for your job search. Most companies offer the option for more than one email account, free of charge. Create a new email address dedicated to your job search. This is more professional and helps you stay organized, with all job information and hiring inquiries going to the same place.
  • Personalize with your name only. Stick to your first and last name; if necessary, add your middle initial or birth year to separate you from others with the same name. Another option is to use your initials and a descriptive title related to your profession or skills.

A Professional Voicemail Message

Here are a few ideas for making a voicemail greeting that represents you well to recruiters or hiring managers:

  • Don’t forget your name. First-time callers need to know they reached the correct number, so state your first name at a minimum at the beginning of the message.
  • Don’t be cute or cliché. Keep your message short and simple, asking the caller to please leave a message, and you’ll get back to them as soon as possible.
  • Speak clearly and don’t rush. Keep the caller in mind as you speak concisely and at a measured pace.


When it comes to the hiring process, little things can make a big difference. Don’t miss out on your dream position because your email or voicemail is silly or unprofessional. Keep it professional, mature, and polite; you will make a positive impression on recruiters and hiring managers.

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