Remote Work: How to Stay Organized

As it becomes more common for people to work from home, the challenges of staying organized and productive become a priority. Staying organized physically and mentally can be challenging at home because you are constantly immersed in your home life. Whether your home includes a partner, children, pets, or just daily activities and ordinary household interruptions, keeping focus during work hours can be difficult.

How to Stay Organized When Working at Home

Tip #1: Create A Work-Friendly Zone

The first thing you want to do when working from home, and the most effective way to improve your focus and stay organized, is to create a work-friendly zone in your home. Set up an actual workspace, complete with a desk and chair that are comfortable. Depending on the type of remote work you do, include file cabinets, bookshelves, and other storage options to keep papers, books, and other work-related items organized and tidy.

Make sure that your workspace is separate from family spaces. When you work in an office, you can leave work behind when you go home. Maintaining that separation is important at home, too, so dedicate a space for your home office that is on its own and can be physically left when work is done for the day.

Your work-friendly zone also includes your time and accessibility. Set your work hours during the day and make sure your family and friends understand when you’re focused on work. Limit distractions by turning off personal notifications and muting the phone during work hours.

Tip #2: Schedule & Plan

Even if your work offers flexibility in scheduling, take the time to schedule and plan your workday for yourself. Whether you plan to complete specific tasks each day or schedule blocks of time to work on a project, organizing your time helps you stay focused on completing tasks and reaching goals.

Tip #3: Eat & Rest

Don’t forget to plan for breaks and meals throughout your workday. When you work outside the home, brief breaks and meal breaks are required. Maintain the same standard at home and make sure you take at least 45 minutes during the course of your workday to eat and rest. You can take it all at once or as smaller breaks throughout the day.


Staying organized at home when you’re a remote worker can be challenging. By maintaining a dedicated workspace, planning your days, and remembering to recharge during breaks, you can stay motivated and focused and keep your productivity levels high.

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