Should You Start the New Year with a New Job?

January is the best time to look for a new job because more are available. With a high ratio of candidates to jobs, this time of year is ideal for applying, whether you want to advance in your current career or pursue a new one.

Not sure if you want to look for a new job in the new year? Here are some beneficial reasons to do so:

Career Development

A new position can stimulate your career development if you want to advance in your chosen career. Staying in one place for too long may seem ideal, but it can decrease motivation and enthusiasm over time. A new start in the new year can reinvigorate your passion for your profession and motivate you to further growth and success.

A new job also provides the opportunity to develop new skills and rejuvenate existing ones. Building network connections and relationships with new coworkers that expand your perspectives and skill set are a sure way to stimulate career growth and increase your value as an employee.

Career Change

A new job in the new year is also beneficial if you want to change your career entirely. Feeling discontented and unsatisfied with your work affects you mentally and physically. It also affects your coworkers and the entire company since unhappy employees deliver substantially less productivity and results than happy employees.

Changing careers during the holidays is ideal because many people are focused on other things, leaving a greater opportunity to get in and be seen as soon as the hiring process accelerates in the new year.

More Money

Yes, more money is a good reason to look for a new job in the new year. Even if you are content in your position, many employers have a limit on just how high your salary can go. Strategically advancing your career every two or three years can help you achieve the highest salary increases and provide the financial stability you need to pursue career growth and build your skill set.

Need Help in Your Job Search?

Knowing when to apply, how to apply, and how to ensure the best results and feedback from prospective employers can take time and effort. Whether you’re looking to advance in your career, change careers, or pursue a higher salary path, Career Foundation can help you. Our experienced team of staffing experts understands the entire hiring process from beginning to end. We’re ready to assist you, helping you tailor your resume, hone your interview skills, and navigate the application and onboarding processes as you pursue your dream job.

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