How Effectively Do You Handle Feedback?

Employee feedback is vital to your company’s branding strategy, providing the information you need to create a strong, positive employee experience. Feedback from your employees also helps you improve your organization’s performance and attract top talent.

Key Benefits of Employee Feedback

Employee feedback offers you candid insight into their experience working for the company. Are they happy with the office’s policies? Are the benefits packages satisfactory? What are their thoughts on workplace flexibility and PTO? Do they feel heard and appreciated? These are just some questions that can be effectively answered through employee feedback.

By learning how to collect employee feedback and manage it, you can identify high-impact issues and correct them, as well as discover the positive features the company has so you can highlight them to potential employees.

Managing Employee Feedback

The feedback loop between employer and employee is critical to your management process. More employees are taking advantage of online business review sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor to make their voices heard, rating their experiences with the company from the beginning. According to Glassdoor, 83% of job seekers research a company’s ratings and reviews when deciding whether to apply for a job.

Employee feedback also serves as a starting point to ask important and insightful questions about the workplace experience, such as:

  • What is one thing you would change about work?
  • How could we make work more fun?
  • How can we help you succeed?

Analyzing employee feedback provides you with a great deal of data. By applying tools and analytical techniques, you can spot the hidden patterns and trends within the data that indicate positive features and negative issues.

There will be negative feedback, and it is important always to be empathetic and thoughtful when dealing with employees. Take time to reflect on what they say and address the issues raised.


Employee feedback is a vital asset for management, providing insight into company issues and reinforcing positive features that may be highlighted in the company’s branding. By using analytical tools and a proactive approach, you can effectively handle positive and negative employee feedback and use it to the company’s and your employees’ advantage.

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