FAQs For Job Seekers

What is it like to search for a job with Career Foundations?

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How Does Finding a Job Through an Executive Search Firm Like Career Foundations Work?

At Career Foundations we differentiate ourselves as an executive search firm in North Carolina by being a career advocate for you. We help you find a great position allowing you to make a real cultural fit with your new employer. Our focus involves helping you build a foundation for career development until your retirement day.  


Making the right match between candidate and company remains our focus. This approach ensures you find a position meeting your goals for professional development and career growth. We help you find an intriguing position, offer interviewing advice, and even handle salary negotiation. In short, we are a true partner helping you build a successful career.  

Why Should I Appy to C Suite Jobs Through Career Foundations?

Any executive job search in North Carolina requires a discerning approach giving you a true chance to thrive. Career Foundations understands the local market with over 20 years of experience helping candidates find great positions. Thus, our employer partners trust us to present only the best senior professionals with a history of effective leadership.  


Rest assured that working with us keeps your executive career on an upwards path. We only present you to companies where you make a great cultural fit. It’s the right strategy for finding you the leadership position you deserve.  

Can I Find a Full-Time Job Through a Professional Recruiting Firm?

Yes, with our professional job placement services, you’ll have access to career options like long-term contracts and temp-to-hire placement opportunities. Career Foundation’s expert recruiters work closely with you to understand your experience, interests, and goals. This individualized experience gives you the support you need to take your career to the next level. 


Search our current job listings here. 

How do I Get In Contact With a Recruiter From The Team?

Feel free to apply directly for any of our open positions orsend us your resumeOnce contacted by a recruiter, expect them to provide specifics on connecting with them when needed. 

Is There a Cost For the Recruiters at Career Foundations to Help Me Find a Job?

Our employer partners pay us a fee after you start your new position. There is never any cost to the candidate.

How Do I Apply For Your Clients’ Jobs?

Search for our executive and managerial positions at the following link.

How Do I Prepare For an Interview At an Executive Search Firm Like Career Foundations?

  • Be prepared for the interview by reviewing your résumé and researching the company with whom you are interviewing. Show off your research when given an opportunity to ask your own questions.  
  • If you have last minute questions or concerns, request a prep call with your recruiter prior to the interview.  
  • Study interview questions and answers related to the job requirements of the open position. Be sure to provide tangible details on the positive managerial impact you made for previous employers.  
  • Most importantly, speak clearly, make natural eye contact, and always display confidence!