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A Measured Approach To Executive Placement

Successful C-Level search takes patience, expertise and finesse. That’s why we created C-Street; a division of our executive search firm focused on recruiting at the highest levels. We work to identify thought leaders, game-changers, and innovators where they are. We reach out to initiate a discussion of their career strategy and timeline to learn when they might be receptive to making a move.

When employers come to us with a requirement, we often have a few ideas regarding who to approach. We also ask if they have anyone in mind – perhaps someone at a competitor they don’t feel comfortable contacting on their own.

As we pursue these options, we investigate other potential candidates in tandem, leveraging referrals, tapping our networks, and reaching out to intriguing candidates on LinkedIn and other platforms. 

Our focus areas include corporate accounting and finance, compliance, audit and tax, human resources and corporate administration, corporate marketing and digital communication, supply chain and executive leadership.

Challenging C-Level Searches Are Our Specialty

From CEO, COO, CFO, CTO to board-level engagements, our C-Level headhunters in North Carolina leave no stone unturned in engaging the most in-demand individuals. Our experts understand what it takes to generate interest at the senior, executive and board levels. We partner with you to identify the right leaders who can make a positive impact on your company culture and the future of your organization. Working with Career Foundations is your key to remaining ahead of the competition for talent at the top level. Our strategic approach is designed to deliver high-impact candidates who can inspire teams and
drive success.

Our Executive Placement Services Focus On High-Level Positions Such As:

SVP and Chief Financial Officers 

SVP and Chief Human Resource Officers 

SVP and Chief Marketing Officers  


SVP Accounting 

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