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What You Need to Know About Applying to Companies That Recently Downsized

Today’s job market is confusing many job seekers. Headlines show companies of all sizes laying off workers, yet the labor market is still active, and many of these companies are hiring. Many companies are practicing strategic hiring, meaning they cut staff in underperforming parts of the business while increasing hiring in areas where there is growth.

As a job seeker, you can learn much about a potential employer by researching the company and evaluating recent layoffs. Armed with this information, you can feel confident addressing any job concerns you may have when interviewing for a role.

Research the Company

Rarely can you get a guarantee that a role will be safe from layoffs, but there are some important questions you can ask that may give you peace of mind. Once you know of an open position with a company that you are interested in, start researching with these questions:

  • When was the most recent layoff? What motivated it?
  • Does the company do this on a seasonal basis with workers in certain areas?
  • Is the division where the role is funded for growth?
  • Are there other divisions within the business where your skills could be used if there are cuts?
  • What is the overall health of the company now?

Answering these questions can help paint a picture of the division’s health and the role’s stability. In addition, you can ask your recruiter clearly if the division is healthy.

Layoffs and Company Culture

While the fact of layoffs does not speak poorly of a workplace culture, how a business conducts those layoffs speaks volumes. Most job seekers note that layoff style influences their perception of a company’s culture. Some companies have received noteworthy blowback in the media because they lacked fairness and compassion when laying off employees. Look for a layoff policy and procedure that includes clear, empathetic communication, as well as helpful resources and assistance for affected employees.


Companies are still seeking talented workers amid economic uncertainty and layoffs. The key to securing your dream job during these times is to proceed but with caution. It’s a good time to apply for jobs, and while others are shying away because of highly publicized layoffs, you can stand out. Get excited and go for it!

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