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When it comes to compliance, audit and tax staffing, companies can’t afford to be caught short. These highly regulated areas need specialized, qualified professionals to ensure compliance. Career Foundations stands out among compliance, audit and tax recruiting firms in North Carolina, for attention to detail, access to specialized talent and consistently delivering on our promises.

We are constantly recruiting candidates with these skills and following up on referrals to keep our talent pipeline full in this specialty. We also reach out to Big 4 and national public accounting firms to bring on some of the top people in the industry.

With our professionals on your team, you are bound for career success.

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Whether you want to make a lateral move to an organization that’s a better fit or looking to take the next step up the career ladder, Career Foundations can streamline your search for your ideal opportunity.

Why waste valuable time sending resumes to multiple companies and making time for multiple interviews when you can rely on our relationships and industry expertise to ensure you only consider companies that are a cultural fit and opportunities that make the most of your skills and experience. 

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Our database of available jobs grows every day. Search our career positions to find those matching your interests, skills and experience and apply. Not finding a match? Send our recruiters your resume or join our career showcase.

Our other primary areas of focus include corporate accounting and finance, human resources and corporate administration, corporate marketing and digital communication, supply chain and executive leadership.

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Partner with Career Foundations, the top tax, audit and compliance recruitment firm in North Carolina. Share your interests, ambitions and preferred work environment, and we’ll lead the way in your search.

Our Tax, Audit And Compliance Recruitment Firm In North Carolina Completes Searches For Positions, Including:

Compliance Auditors 

Compliance Managers 

Director Internal Audit  

Director of Tax  

Internal Audit Managers 

Risk Advisory  

Senior Internal Auditors 

Senior Tax Accountants 

Tax Managers 

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