Mastering the Art of Online Communication: Essential Skills for Today’s Corporate Workplace

Clear, effective communication is an essential part of a thriving corporate workplace. Good communication skills nurture the workplace on many levels, strengthening the collaborative bonds between team members and building a strong foundation for success.

As important as communication is, many employees and managers continue to struggle with it. Poor communication within the workplace may lead to misunderstanding and confusion, low morale, and decreased productivity. Sometimes the situation can be so difficult that it drives employees to quit.

Today, with many corporate organizations relying on online platforms, mastering the art of online communications is more important than ever. This blog explores the essential communication skills managers need to elevate their leadership and improve their workplace dynamics on multiple levels.

Active Listening

Leaders who excel at communication have perfected the art of active listening. Active listening means tuning into the words of your team members, asking pertinent questions, and providing feedback demonstrating that you comprehend the situation.

Active listening requires you to immerse yourself in the conversation completely. This includes both verbal and non-verbal interaction. Sustained eye contact, nodding, and paraphrasing are techniques that help convey your engagement to your team members, building rapport and improving the quality of virtual meetings and remote collaboration.

Avoiding Miscommunication

In online communication, it is vital to approach every conversation and communication with an eye toward clarifying expectations and conveying clear directions. Setting clear expectations for your team reduces the chance of mistakes and encourages them to seek guidance as needed.

Setting Clear Goals

Simply put, when goals are clear, individual employees and team members understand the importance of their objectives and know what is expected of them. Setting clear goals is an important step in avoiding miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Effective Digital Etiquette

Online communication has become the norm for business interactions. With the incredible accessibility of constant connection to phones and computers comes the need for well-defined digital etiquette. Maintaining boundaries for work-related communication is vital for cultivating a positive workplace culture and avoiding burnout.

  • Limit workplace communication to work hours. While your employees may have smartphones, it is not smart to call/ text/ message/ email them after their shift is done. Unless it is a true emergency, it can wait until work begins tomorrow.
  • Be mindful of time zones when planning team meetings or remote collaboration. In our modern remote working world, your team members could be scattered across the country or the globe. Keep time zones in mind when you call meetings and provide additional options if meeting flexibility isn’t possible.
  • Maintain in-person etiquette online. Whether interviewing a new team member or reviewing a team project together, always dress and behave as if you were all together in person.


Online communication skills are essential in today’s corporate world. Taking the time to master basic etiquette and improving your own listening skills will put you miles ahead of the competition.

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