Why it’s Important to Reflect Back on 2022 as You Prepare for 2023

As another year draws to a close, it is essential to take time and reflect on what you have accomplished and what you might do differently as you prepare and plan for a new year. Self-reflection is powerful and proactive on many levels. Reviewing the previous 12 months allows you to look at your actions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions neutrally, assessing the pros and cons of the past year and learning from those experiences.

Let’s look at some essential questions to ask yourself as you reflect on 2022 and see how your answers may help you better plan for the year to come.

Where Did You Succeed?

It is essential to celebrate your achievements over the past year. Even small wins are significant, so take the time to remember your successes.

Where Did You Fail?

Progressing forward means remembering your failures as well. Reflecting honestly on the times you were unsuccessful is necessary and gives you the information and clarity to move forward in the new year.

What Regrets Do You Have?

Was it an opportunity you passed on? Or something you wish you had spent more time doing. Though acknowledging your regrets can be painful, understanding them will help you grow and remedy them in the future.

What Lessons Did You Learn?

What lessons did life teach you this past year? Are there things you need to do more of? Do differently? Or stop doing altogether? Whether you face situations in your professional or personal life, understanding them and learning from them helps you prepare for future situations in the new year and beyond.

What is the Status of Your Goals?

Did you reach your major goals, or at least proactively pursue them? Look at your significant goals and determine where you stand in accomplishing them. Decide if you need to spend more effort working on them or if your goals need to change completely.

What Are Your New Goals for the New Year?

Whether your goals are the same or need to change, review and revise them for 2023. The road to success is filled with course corrections, so stay adaptable and open to new goals, approaches, and positive growth in the new year.


The New Year is a time for reflection and anticipation. As you look back on the past year’s achievements, look forward to new accomplishments and success in all your endeavors.

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