No Office, No Problem: Secrets to Developing Your Professional Path While WFH

For many, work is much different than a few years ago, as working remotely has become a dominant mode for many companies. Even though you are working some or all of your time from the comfort of home, it doesn’t mean your career ambitions and goals must be on hold. While your managers may not see or hear everything you’re doing, you can still stay on the ball and on your professional path to long-term success.

Read on to learn some valuable tips to help you demonstrate your value at work and develop your career while working from home.

Tip #1: Activate “Work Mode”

Working from home is not always conducive to getting motivated and staying efficient. Instead of working in your pajamas, create a structured routine similar to what you had when you went into the office. Make an effort to get up and get ready for work, including showering, dressing, and eating a nutritious breakfast.

In addition to structuring your day, it’s important to structure your workspace. If you do not have a home office, designate a space in your home as your “work zone.” Try to keep it free from distractions and ergonomically comfortable.

Tip #2: Time Management

Working from home usually equals a flexible schedule. Too much flexibility, however, can negatively impact your overall productivity. Create a daily schedule, including breaks, and stop work at the same time every day. Remote workers often overwork, which will quickly lead to burnout.

Motivate yourself during your workday with a to-do list. Ticking through a list of tasks keeps you from bouncing aimlessly through your workday. Focusing on set tasks for the day helps you stay efficient and gives you a clear list to run through when checking in with your boss or team members.

Tip #3: Up Your Virtual Meeting Game

Virtual meetings have become standard in the post-pandemic workplace, so planning and executing a great virtual meeting will make a positive impression on your boss and team members. Prepare for the meeting as you would an in-person one.

  • Send a meeting agenda with clear goals for the meeting’s purpose and outcome.
  • Allow extra time before the meeting to ensure everyone’s technology works.
  • Use video to improve engagement and discourage multitasking during the meeting.
  • Keep presentations short and concise.
  • Allow time at the end of the meeting to wrap up.
  • Send a follow-up email with notes to ensure all are on the same page.

Tip #4: Think Long-Term

Working from home means you’ll likely have extra time. Use this time wisely to plan for your long-term career goals. Put some thought into your career direction and pursue courses or certifications in your free time to help you accomplish your goals. And don’t forget to keep networking!

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